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❤️ Regaining Your Inner Power – Niculina Gheorghita ❤️

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Citeste aici interviul acordat de Niculina Gheorghita librariei When this blissful state occurs, you become one with the Kingdom of your Self. Have you ever lived this feeling of oneness, of becoming one with everything? Search around in your life; I think you have lived it the same way I have. I’ll remind you that it is something extraordinary, magnificent, elevating your spirit, which makes you feel powerful as the master of your life. Words are not enough to describe this feeling. When you reach this state, it’s crystal clear that you have found your inner power. In that moment, you become the Sovereign, the master of yourself, the student, the teacher, the actor, the spectator. You finally love yourself because by doing so, you actually love God. There is no love greater than the love for the Holy and pure Self, for only out of this love can freedom be born. And freedom gives birth to happiness.  (Cod 1035945)
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